24/7 Accessibility of Pharmacy Services


Our consultant pharmacist will be available for all the clinical and prescription related needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. We offer daily deliveries, and 24/7 on-call services. We also provide a wide range of OTC and home health care products upon request. Please ask us about our services in detail.

Medication packaging solutions


Is your facility currently using compliance packaging and would like to switch to strip packaging.

With both options available we can start with the option that suits best to your facility and even help you down the road for easy conversion to strip packaging.

Education for Staff and Patients


Our consultant pharmacist will provide ongoing training and education to nursing staff regarding medications and optimize health care outcomes for the residents. Our consultant pharmacist will assess all the residents in the home periodically and collaborate with the physicians and nursing stuff to improve the health outcomes for the residents.

Geriatric Certified Pharmacist


Our certified geriatric pharmacist (CGP) is available for on-site consults and works closely with nursing staff, physicians and residents to ensure proper medication use in seniors.

eMAR (electronic Medication Administration) Services


Want to go paperless with eMAR and have realtime medication administration entries. From initial setup to training and maintenance our staff will help and support your facility throughout the transition. If the facility is using paper MAR, we will provide monthly printed paper MARs and update them as needed by the facility.

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